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Bounce Back Recharge  
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Feel zingy & refreshed after a 30 min detoxifying infrared sauna, a foot & leg exfoliation, a dead sea mud mask with cool mint massage & a 30 min ionic detox foot spa. $67

Ear Candling  
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This ancient technique is said to help detoxify the sinuses, relieve lymph congestion, soothe sore throats, swimmers ear, and ease chronic headaches and allergies. It will be followed by a gentle facial massage to encourage drainage. $60
Ionic Detox Foot Spa  
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We all know our feet sweat/perspire. It is nature’s own detoxifying system.  But even nature’s detoxifying system needs help. Try an all natural system for detoxifying that uses your feet as a conduit to remove unhealthy toxins from your body. Recommended twice weekly for 7 weeks for optimum results.   1 x 30 min session $35    

Far Infared Sauna 
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Relaxing in our Far infrared sauna, will soothe your spirit while cleansing and conditioning your body. The benefits obtained through far infrared saunas complement sport and exercise programs but without the pain.  Sweat 2-3 times more in the FIR Sauna than a normal sauna. Operates at lower, comfortable temperatures.  The most pure cleansing tool.    1 x 30 min session $30