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Saraswati Hot Stones Body Treatment      [buy a gift voucher] [book online]
This ancient Roman massage uses basalt lava stones to promote relaxation, healing & good health.   Can aid in relief of stress & loosening of stiff muscles.   45min $70 | 90min $120

Buddha Relax Massage      

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An invigorating style of massage encompassing a number of techniques to relax the muscles & ease tension. It involves long, flowing strokes, often in the direction to the heart to increase circulation & blood flow, the results is an improvement in oxygen flow & the release of toxins from the muscular system. This firm but gentle treatment will leave you in a state of total relaxation.  Available after the 1st trimester of pregnancy.  30mins $50 | 60min $85 | 90min $120

Plant Essentials Signature Massage      [buy a gift voucher] [book online]
Releases chronic tension & aids in the relaxation of knotted muscles with this medium to deep pressure massage. Also helps release tension in the soft tissue of the body, stimulates the circulation & the lymphatic system, helping to eliminate waste toxins.    30mins $50 | 60min $85 | 90min $120

Ishta Detox Massage       

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Are you feeling sluggish & fatigued? Incorporating lymphatic massage techniques & detoxifying essential oils this massage will leave you feeling vibrant & energised. This combination of treatments has traditionally been used to aid in fluid retention.  60min $85 | 90min $120